Service management software solutions

CapEm: The unique solution for datacenter macro management

TriMetriks offers a unique software solution for Capacity & Performance Management within the Service Management domain: CapEm. From best practice experiences datacenter capacity demands and predictions are generated. Smart algorithms are used to better plan and control all the valuable datacenter resources. Dashboard functionalities provide precise understanding of usage, the exact overview of operational costs and possible savings.

Cost Savings with capacity optimization
A better view on the whole datacenter provides macro management capabilities. Many large companies are fragmented concerning Business Unit IT support. One single consistent overview delivers many potential cost saving possibilities and resource optimization directions. Capacity Planning, Incident Management & What-If analysis are CapEm‘s core functionalities. A distinctive feature for business advantage.

Human resources and employee satisfaction
"garbage in = garbage out": managing and reporting on outdated reality ensures extra work and wasted energy. Decisions are made on insufficient basis, so by definition wrong. This results into extra effort, thus not very motivating.

Decision support
How can one make the right decisions based on insufficient information? Not possible. A realtime broad overview and macro management dashboard functions can be crucial for the business.

Business planning vs. restriction management
The never ending "battle" between business and IT can be relieved with CapEm. Business always wants more for less, IT is trying (hoping) to do less for more. Too many assumptions are often leading the discussion. Better information about the actual situation and insight into future expectations and capacity optimizes the working together.

Future Prognoses - Trending
In a fast moving world future knowledge is critical and beneficial. CapEm features an unique possibility to glance in the future and predict capacity needs. Using an alerting messaging and color code mechanism, eminent capacity and performance problems can be detected for current and the future situation: up to 3 months in advance.

Capacity Planning And What-If Analysis
CapEm offers capacity planning, gives a prognoses about future resource utilization and signals under- or just over-capacity, combining all environments that are hosted in company divided in e.g. company units, datacenters or virtual and database environments. In CapEm‘s analysis module the user can play through scenarios using i.e. expected load in the future per business unit to extract a picture how to cope with market developments.

Integrate Business & ICT Infrastructure
CapEm enables the business & ICT infrastructure to be integrated into a single view. This view can be expanded and collapsed. Users can apply filters to obtain a view from different dimensions and select can combinations of ICT infrastructure components. Different types of component structures are possible, enabling the user e.g. to drill down from the company level down to the business line service, applications, datacenter to the bottom level e.g. a database, server or network device.

Correlation views
CapEm‘s is able to make and display the correlation between several information streams obtained from the ICT infrastructure. Essential system parameters can be combined into a single view, relationships between the individual parameters can be analyzed on any combination of parts from the ICT infrastructure including a prognoses of their future behavior. This option supports the incident management process.

Asset & Life Cycle Management
CapEm has its own internal CMDB. By storing historical changes, certain IT Assets can traced during their lifecycle. Overviews can be created for entire company or datacenter cluster, displaying licenses, operating system types and patch levels.

Functional views
Different user roles can access CapEm‘s functionality. Depending of these roles (e.g. business or IT) functionality and information access to this can be enabled or denied for users assigned to these roles.

Trend and Prognoses
Intelligent Trend Determination is one of the extreme powerful features of CapEm. Trends give a progones for expected capacity needs up to 3 months ahead in time.

Incident Management Support - Alerting
The Alerting Mechanism offers a expand and collapse view via company level, business line service, supporting applications to the lowest level e.g. a storage LUN, server or network device. It will alert you about alerts anywhere detected in your organization, making use of CapEm‘s unique alert inheriting and forecasting algorithms.

Functional Views
Allows you to gain or just prevent access to certain functions and features for different roles in your organisation.

Service Level Management Support
Gives you the ability to organize your service levels. You can set several organisation specific parameters to fit specific needs of business and service level management.

Signal Analysis & Reporting
Gives you full control of your managed server architecture, enabling you to print service level reports and to deeply analyse your infrastructure, performing rightsizing and many other types of analysis

Capacity Management Report(SLR)
Gives you an overview for your capacity usage inclusive a future prediction for your servers CPU, Memory, (Database) Storage including availablity all in one

Capacity Management Report(Expanded)
Gives you an overview for your capacity usage inclusive a future prediction for your all the entities (including virtual environments, databases & Clusters) in your datacenter for CPU, Memory, (Database) Storage including availablity all in one.
Not shown: Available also a report where the resource utilization is matched to your business applications and business line servives hosted to your customers.

Hint: Using color codes (Red, Amber, Green) your are guided to points in the infrastructure that need attention. Using this report your are able to;

- Account your users for the used capacity
- Predict future needs
- Analyse the status much more quickly
- Prevent unneeded (unwanted) investments

The Ultimate solution for Capacity Management!